I hate a love/hate relationship with Snickerdoodles. Why? Because they are my least favorite cookie, which is why I hate them. But then I don’t eat as many, which is why I love them. Know what I mean?!

That being said, they are my son & husbands favorite cookie, so we make them when I can’t convince them that we need chocolate chip cookies instead 🙂

Today my son wanted to make some, but we didn’t have any cream of tartar which most recipes call for. I found this recipe, which gives the option of substituting the cream of tart & baking soda for baking powder. I was worried because the last recipe I tried without cream of tartar turned out too crunchy.

We were excited when these turned out nice & chewy! And I even ate lots of the cookie dough it was that good 🙂

Recipe from here.

We made ours into 1 Tbsp sized balls and it made 55 cookies.

MACROS per cookie: 73 calories 10g Carbs 3g Fat 1g Protein




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