Shrimp Scampi

I am always asking Brig for dinner ideas that include Shrimp or Chicken because those are the meats that I always keep on hand. When he told me Shrimp Scampi would be good, I had never heard of it! HA! I decided to give it a try and see what it was all about. The recipe seemed too simple and I was worried it wouldn’t be flavorful enough. I was wrong! I made it tonight and am sold! 🙂 Continue reading


Chipotle Bowls

Chipotle is hands down one of my very favorite “fast food” restaurants to eat at. I could eat there every day and not get sick of it! I am always trying to re create them, but they just never taste as good. I finally found some new recipes to try tonight and they all turned out so good and actually tasted similar to the real Chipotle Bowls! 🙂 This will definitely be a repeat meal at our house.  Continue reading

Real Life Photography

In April Brig bought me a DSLR camera. I had been wanting for 5 years so obviously I was a little excited. I am finally getting around to learning how to use it! Slowly, but surely! I love this picture because it captures real life. Messy house, adorable toddler running around, gym clothes, my new goal of learning more about photography, and last but not least my cheesy 28 week pregnant belly pose!

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Apple Cinnamon Protein Oats

Sometimes it’s nice to switch up the protein source in the mornings! I usually force myself to eat a few over easy eggs in the morning, but today I just couldn’t do it. They are definitely not as appealing since I’ve gotten pregnant, unless they are on toast with avocado or with hash browns. 🙂 So today I decided to cook them up in my oats! This recipe makes 1 serving of oats and has 21 grams of protein!

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